Hi, my name is Kyle I'm 13 and Im here because I have nothing better to do :) I post a lot of KH Fan-Made music, KH & FF Graphics & a lot of random stuff too.

Anonymous: Why are you so perfect I'm 19 years old and I can barely hum in tune ;A;

You can always learn, never is too late ;)

Anonymous: Holy crap! Your music is beautiful!! You're a very talented composer. I was wondering if you use any kind of software. If so what is it?

Fl Studio or Ableton + The KH & Orchestral Soundfonts :]

Artist: Kingdom Hearts III - Imaginated Music
Track Name: "Lea's Theme [Got it Memorized?]"
Played: 1212 times
Anonymous: i was wondering if you could put that kh3 leas theme imagined on youtube, or if you had a download link could you share it?? id really like to put it on my blog music it's really great

If you tell me your blog i can send it to you :]


I love how whenever a new video game trailer is released we all reblog the same scene literally hundreds of times